La Fagianella

Toscana Bianco

Vernaccia di S. Gimignano
Le Laudi - Toscana Bianco
- Red Wine -
Corte in Poggio
Le Laudi - Chianti
Toscana Rosso
Chianti Classico
Le Laudi - Toscana Rosso
La Fagianella
Poggio al Vento 0,75l
Poggio al Vento 1,50l
Chianti 0,50l
Chianti 0,75l
Chianti 1l
Chianti 1,50l
Morellino di Scansano

Denomination: Toscana Rosso
Region: Tuscany
Production area: Hills and tablelands of Tuscany
Grape harvest: Manual, with accurate selection of the grapes
Kinf of grapes: Sangiovese and other kind of red Tuscan grapes
Wine-making procedure: Traditional, with maceration of the pressed grapes.
Analytical data:
Alcohol % vol. 11-11,50%
Residual sucre %o max 3 – 6
Tot. Acidity %o max.  5,50 – 6,30

Sensorial characteristics:
Sight: brillant trasparency, vivacious ruby red colour tending towards garnet with age
Smell:the perfume is vinous, clear characteristic and delicate.
It is tends to become softer with age.
Taste: the flavour is equally sapid and sourish and slightly tannic. It is not so well-bodied and structured as the   Chianti but, on the whole, it is an enjoyable wine.
Food matches: Good for every kind of meal, especially with Tuscan starters, first courses with meat, tomato, mushroom-based sauces, stews and white meat roasts.
Temperature:  Suggested serving temperature 20-22° C

Le Laudi - Toscana Rosso
le laudi - toscana rosso